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Global Maritime Club Summit 2022
9 June 2022 | Metropolitan Expo | Athens, Greece

In association with Seatrade Maritime News, the Global Maritime Club Summit will be making its debut at Posidonia 2022 with a dedicated full-day conference.

The free-to-attend Summit will feature a series of focus sessions, with input from shipowners and operators together with representatives of Class, P&I, crew management, human resources specialists, digitalisation specialists, marine technology - and of course from the seafaring community itself - whilst inviting contributions from a lively and expert Posidonia audience.

The first session, dedicated to Digitalisation will explore:

  • How digital technologies can achieve exceptional results in performance monitoring, navigation, risk management, fleet operations and crewing
  • The challenges of smart technology adoption and retrofitting
  • Satellite technology and the connectivity revolution for shipping
  • Data usage and standardisation
  • Digitalisation as an enabler of regulatory compliance
  • The next phase of smart technology development from the OMEs
  • A timeline for the development of smart vessels
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To bring together the people and companies for redefining the maritime industry.


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